Our Mission and Philosophy


     Offering an advisor relationship built on personal trust and company-wide integrity, Forest Asset Management LLC provides a fee-based investment management to individuals, families, corporations, qualified retirement plans, partnerships, not -for- profits-- anyone with a desire to pursue long term financial objectives.

     As a fee-based investment advisor, our compensation is based solely on the value of the client portfolio. We have a fiduciary relationship with our clients and as such we carry out our responsibilities in good faith and loyalty, placing our client's first.

     The portfolios we create are developed according to the principles of "Modern Portfolio Theory", an academically based, Nobel prize-winning strategy recognized by the American Law Institute as the standard for prudent investing by fiduciaries. FAM uses a long term investment approach with a focus on tax efficiency and keeping costs low.

     FAM's strategic partner is BAM Advisor Services, LLC, a St. Louis based member of the Buckingham Family of Financial Services, which assists us with administrative, marketing and training support. Together with other independent members of the BAM ALLIANCE, we comprise the single largest relationship with Dimensional Fund advisors (DFA), which is a family of mutual funds we often recommend to our clients. Individual investors can only gain access to DFA, no-load, low cost funds through qualified investment advisors.

For additional information about our personalized, individual services, please contact one of our representatives.